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Litmus Test: How we're changing the chemistry of our oceans

By: John Hagan and Liza LePage

Look at the ocean today. It probably looks the same as it did when you were a kid, but as the old adage warns, looks can be deceiving. You start to get some clues from our shorelines, with evidence of erosion from higher tides. However, it is beneath the surface, within the shells of shellfish, that a different story is unfolding: ocean acidification.

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Climate Lab: Connecting Science and Students to their Communities

By: cheryl botieri

This August, the National Science Foundation awarded Manomet and TERC a $450,000 Discovery Research K-12 Grant to design and implement the Climate Lab research project on a larger scale. The grant will allow the project to reach more educators—bringing hands-on scientific learning opportunities and climate change knowledge to classrooms throughout the country.

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Winter 2014