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Downeast Partnerships
By: David McGlinchey

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Fall 2013

Shedding Light

By: David McGlinchey

There are more than 37,000 supermarkets in the United States.

The grocery sector employs approximately 2.5 million workers and represents about 5 percent of the national economy.

At 55 kilowatt-hours per square foot, grocery stores use the most electricity of any commercial building, more than double the next closest sector.
Grocery stores also generate almost twice as much solid waste as any other retail sector.

But until September 2012, this enormous industry did not have a comprehensive sustainability certification program.

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Fall 2013

Expanding the Conservation Movement at the Delaware Bay

By: Haley Jordan

Thirty men and women crouch on the road next to New Jersey’s Fortesque Beach. They wait silently, eyes glued to the flock of shorebirds feeding on the beach 100 yards away.

A cannon net has been buried beneath the sand and baited with horseshoe crab eggs. When the birds move to just the right spot the net will be fired.


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