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The Legacy of Mary Niles and her daughter Molly Cornell

Mary Niles served on Manomet's Board of Trustees from 1981 to 1987 and remained a Life Trustee until 2009. She passed the mantle on to her daughter, Molly Cornell, in 1997. To this day Molly is an active Trustee and banding volunteer. Mary and Molly have made Manomet part of their lives. Both they and Manomet have been enriched by the experience.

The Legacy of Mary Niles and her daughter Molly Cornell

Four generations. Mary Niles, her daughter Molly Cornell,
Molly's daughter Katharine Barnard and Katharine's daughter,
3-year-old Lucy Barnard.

Mary Niles began her involvement back in the early days of the organization when Betty Anderson was at the helm. A great lover of the outdoors, Mary was drawn to the challenges and adventures that Manomet presented. She was a strong supporter of the migratory bird programs and, when she passed away, Mary left a legacy gift to Manomet's endowment.

Molly Cornell began volunteering in the banding room in 1988, the year she and her husband moved back to Massachusetts. Already an avid birder, her experience at Manomet made her aware of the connection between habitat protection and conservation success throughout the Western Hemisphere.

"Manomet expanded my horizons, from the banding that I enjoyed participating in, to seeing the big picture," Molly said. "One of Manomet's greatest strengths is its approach of forming partnerships to increase the organization's reach and impact. It's one of the reasons why I support Manomet."

As a former science teacher, Molly spent her career instilling a sense of stewardship for the Earth in the next generation. "I am happy to report that my grandchildren and I enjoy the outdoors together, and that they are coming along nicely in developing a stewardship ethic," she said. Molly, like her mother, has made a planned gift to Manomet.

"I am honored to be passing the legacy to the next generation and to Manomet."

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